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Lactation Services Provided

Need information and assistance with breastfeeding? We have a variety of ways to help you. 

Before you have your baby
Please consider our specially designed breastfeeding class as a “must do” before you have your baby. Breastfeeding Basics, is completed in one two-hour session. Our expert class instructor will provide you with breastfeeding tips and tricks to get started quickly and easily.

For information, or to enroll in prenatal breastfeeding classes, please call 678-312-5000.

While you are in the hospital
Our trained nursing staff will help you get off to a great start breastfeeding your little one. Our nurses will provide you breastfeeding information and assistance while you are in the hospital. Lactation consultants are available for those occasional times when breastfeeding does not go as expected.

In-hospital consultations
If breastfeeding is not progressing after the initial hours of the normal baby sleep cycle, your nurse or healthcare provider can bring in a lactation consultant. The professional lactation consultant will help you set up an individual feeding plan that includes follow up for you and your baby. 

After you go home with your baby
When you first get home, it’s natural to have questions about everything from medications and breast pumps to what to do if breastfeeding is not going as expected. Feel free to call our automated Breastfeeding Helpline to speak with one of our lactation consultants. We also provide referrals to qualified agencies if needed. 

Call our Breastfeeding Helpline at 678-312-4743.

If you go back to work
For breast pump rentals only, please call 678-312-4730.

Find an OB/GYN now, or call 678-312-5000.