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Gwinnett Breast Center Program

A group of Gwinnett Breast Program Patients Gwinnett Medical Center is pleased to introduce the Gwinnett Breast Program, a program that provides individualized care with a patient-centered approach. The foundation of our program is a dynamic interdisciplinary team of dedicated breast imagers, pathologists, referring providers, surgeons, specially trained technologists, nurses and navigators. This team comes together to provide women with the most timely, modern and compassionate care for breast health. Services are available in Duluth, Lawrenceville and Hamilton Mill.

The Gwinnett Breast Center Program is certified by The National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers. Learn more about the NAPBC.

Breast Program Overview

  • Optimal coordination of care
  • Same day surgical consults
  • On-site scheduling of follow-up appointments
  • Follow up imaging from an abnormal screening mammogram within three to five business days
  • Diagnostic imaging appointments for new findings—same or next day appointments

Gwinnett Breast Center’s patient-centered approach optimizes the process for mammogram call-back appointments. From abnormal mammogram through treatment and follow up, the navigator program facilitates the patient’s coordination of care. Patients requiring additional imaging studies receive a phone call from a call-back scheduler within three business days of their screening exam.

If a biopsy is recommended, patients have the benefit of working with an access navigator. The navigator is a member of the imaging team, who assists the patient with appointments and ensuring that services are obtained in a timely manner. This process eases the patient anxiety and reduces the confusion of negotiating through the multiple aspects of follow-up care.

The access navigator will assist the patient in scheduling appointments with Gwinnett Medical Center’s network of participating surgeons offering same-day appointments for biopsy. This reduces the cycle time from abnormal finding to a breast specialist consult.

Participating Surgeons:

  • Sudhindra K. Anegundi, MD
  • James K. Elsey, MD
  • Kevin Jensen, MD
  • Jason J. Klovning, MD
  • Wallace F. Martin, MD
  • Miles H. Mason, III, MD
  • Julie McGill, MD
  • Stephen G. Quill, MD
  • David R. Schmidt, MD
  • Jean-Claude Schwartz, MD
  • Jeffrey E. Sootin, MD
  • Gordon B. Werbel, MD
  • Hisa Yamaguchi, MD

For more information about our Care Navigation Program, call 678-312-2197 (Lawrenceville & Hamilton Mill) or 678-312-7621 (Duluth).