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Running Clinic

Each runner has an individual gait, stride length, body type and level of flexibility. So whether it’s recovering from an injury or simply trying to set a new personal record, runners need individual solutions. Gwinnett SportsRehab’s Running Clinic provide each patient with a personal assessment and evaluation.

Running Gait Analysis
Whether you are a new runner or seasoned marathoner, we can help improve your performance and prevent injury. Our running assessment includes a video analysis of your running form as well as flexibility and strength tests. We’ll also address any biomechanical running mistakes.

You will receive a copy of your video, a written interpretation of problem areas, an exercise program to address these areas and a reference list with other running information. Each session is approximately an hour long and does not require physician referral. 

  • Sessions typically are not covered by insurance
  • Cost: $100

Running Rehabilitation
If you’re recovering from a running injury, a SportsRehab physical therapist can evaluate and treat your injury to get you back on your feet and decrease the risk of further injury. Using a variety of tools and exercises, your rehabilitation program will be tailored to your specific injury and problem areas. A video analysis of your running gait is included.

  • Cost: Usually covered by insurance with a physician referral

For more information, download the Running Clinic flier, or call Becky Thompson, PT, CSCS, Cert MDT, at 678-312-2803.