Nurse Residency Program

The Nurse Residency Program at Gwinnett Medical Center is designed to facilitate the transition from novice RN to skilled RN. Participants in the program are coached into independence by our experienced and accomplished nursing staff. This competency-based orientation is coordinated by masters-prepared Clinical Nurse Specialists, Professional Development Specialists and skilled RN preceptors.

Each group receives a strategic, planned blend of classroom and hands-on experience. Progress is evaluated on a regular basis with input from the preceptor(s) and Clinical Nurse Specialists, according to established objectives. Tracks are offered in Med-Surg, Surgery, Emergency Room, Intensive Care, Cardiovascular Care, Neurology,  Labor and Delivery, Mother-Infant and Neonatal Intensive Care.

The program is 12-16 weeks in length depending on the specialty.

  • The program is offered in March and August of each year. Available specialties depend on the staffing needs of the unit.
  • Interviews and hiring is done by a unit manager before placement into the program.
  • In-class times, computer modules are offered during the day.
  • Clinical time will follow a preceptor’s schedule which may include any shift/weekend or holiday.

To be eligible:

  • If you are a new grad you must have a current RN license posted on the Georgia Board of Nursing website by March 1 for the March program and August 1 for the August Program. The next available nurse residency program will be August 2015. The position for the March Nurse Residency Position will be posted around the week of September 4th on the Gwinnett Medical Center Job Site The position for the August Nurse Residency will be posted around the week of February 17th on the Gwinnett Medical Center Job Site. The position is only available for a short period of time due to the number of applicants. 

  • If you are an experienced nurse, you must have a current RN license posted on the Georgia Board of Nursing website, as well as, hospital bedside clinical experience in the last three years.

For more information, please email Wanda Bolte at