Student Orientation Requirements

Students and Instructors please follow the directions on this page carefully.

For a quick reference tool on GMC requirements print and keep the following document: Quick GMC Requirement Reference. Then, refer to the section that fits your student and your needs for a summary of the requirements. Note this document summarizes both student and instructor requirements.

Check #1 through #3: pertain to both students and their instructor.

Check #4: students follow the directions in the table to complete orientation materials.

(Instructors will do their orientation materials in Gwinnett's learning management system—MyNetLearning. You will need Internet Explorer Version 7 or higher on a PC only. This program will not work on a Mac.)

1. Sign the Board of Regents or Non-Board of Regents documents below each semester when placing students at Gwinnett. The school is to keep the signed documents on file along with the rest of the student orientation materials. Select the type of school you attend, i.e. Board of Regents or Non-Board of Regents, and print/sign the forms listed for your type of school and role. These will need to be signed each academic year (e.g. Fall 2013-Spring 2014) and when the program is changed within an academic year by students and faculty coming on site. (Note: Only faculty coming on site need to sign and have witnessed the Faculty Supervision agreement.)

Board of Regents Schools:

NON-Board of Regents Schools:

2. All students and instructors must wear a picture ID badge in addition to their school ID badge. Complete this ID badge form. (Vehicle information must be included.) You will also need to provide a picture of yourself, preferably saved as a JPEG file or arrange a time with the GMC Security Department to have your picture taken.*

Instructors who are authorized by Linda Horst to obtain badges from the GMC Security Department will email the completed ID form(s) and corresponding picture(s) of their student(s) to Matt Shafer,

If an instructor has not been authorized to pick up badges, email the ID form and corresponding student picture to Linda Horst, and she will forward to the Security Department.

The badge will allow you to park at Gwinnett Medical Center in the employee parking lot. The cost for a student badge is $10.00 and $5 is refundable upon returning the badge. There is no charge for instructor badges. The cost to replace any lost badge is $25. (We ask you not park in the visitor parking lots to allow for space for our patients and their families. The cost for parking in visitor parking is $3 per day.)

*Before coming to have a picture taken or to pick up badges you must contact the Security Department by calling 678-312-4057, or emailing Matt Shafer, You must set an appointment during the hours of Monday–Thursday: 7:30am–4:00pm or Friday: 7:30–1:00pm. 

3. Student/s complete orientation requirements and turn them in to the instructor. The instructor assures the following are completed:

a. Student LOG (click here to print) is accurately filled out, signed by the student and faculty/school designee, and turned into the Gwinnett Student Placement Coordinator prior to the start of the experience.

b. The individual orientation materials and agreements are to be kept on file at the school for future random auditing by Gwinnett.

4. Student orientation materials: follow the chart below and the directions for each topic/section. Turn in the accompanying survey, test, or form to the instructor/faculty supervising your experience at Gwinnett.

All Students Complete the Following Orientation Materials

All NURSING & EMS Students Complete

All Operating Room (OR) or Shadowing Experiences Complete

Download the Student Orientation Materials Checklist

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