Step 3: Orientation Requirements

Faculty and student orientation materials overview

NOTE: The Quick GMC Requirement Reference can serve as a quick reference to summarize the credentialing requirements of faculty and students at Gwinnett Medical Center as explained on this page.


The “Student Requirements” link below contains instructions on how students are to meet the Gwinnett Medical Center (GMC) student requirements, while midlevel students (i.e. those students who are in PA, NP, etc. programs) will follow the instructions below labeled “Midlevel Student Requirements”. All orientation materials are accessible on our external website as noted within the documents below or by viewing the Student Orientation Requirements


Faculty/instructors will need to follow Part I and Part 2 of this section. Faculty will follow Part 1 for their orientation requirements and Part 2 for how they will process their student’s orientation requirements.

PART 1—Faculty Orientation Requirements

All onsite instructors will do their required materials, Computer Based Learning (CBLs) on the Gwinnett Learning Management System called MyNetLearning (myNL) while students do their CBLs on our external website. Linda Horst, the student placement coordinator, will ask you for the last four numbers of your Social Security number. We will then assign a MyNL login that will consist of your first and last initial plus four random numbers. (The student placement coordinator will also obtain access to other internal Gwinnett systems you may need to log into on site, as required.)

Once you have your MyNL login you may access the MyNL system from here. Then, simply log in using the login credentials provided to you and refer to the appropriate Instructor category below to link to further directions. (For detailed directions on how to use NL, you may refer to myNetLearning User Guide 2012.


  • Instructors Visit Only: Follow these instructions if you will only come on site to visit your students: Visit Only Instructor Requirements. The first year and annually thereafter, you will login and complete the NL “Instructor (Visit Only) CBLs. 
  • Nursing Instructors onsite with clinical groups: Follow these instructions if you will be on site instructing your nursing student clinical group: New Nursing Instructor Orientation Requirements.

For a quick reference tool on GMC requirements print and keep the following document: Quick GMC Requirement Reference

(Instructors will do their orientation materials in GMC's learning management system—MyNetLearning. You will need Internet Explorer Version 7 or higher on a PC only. This program will not work on a Mac.)

PART 2—Processing Student Orientation Requirements

Faculty/Instructors Note: all schools placing students at Gwinnett Medical Center are required to:

  • Assure their students complete orientation requirements as directed on the next page; that materials are kept on file at the school for future random auditing by Gwinnett, and the student LOG is accurately filled out and signed by the student and faculty. (Access the student LOG under Item #3 on the next page “Student Orientation Requirements”).
  • Assure the appropriate agreements are signed, i.e. Board of Regents or Non-Board of Regents agreements depending on the school's designation. These are found on the next page under Item #1. These agreements are kept on file at the school with all the orientation materials for the experience, and a copy is turned in to the student placement coordinator with the log. The agreements also need to be witnessed/signed by another adult.
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