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Student Orientation Requirements

Students are to follow the orientation requirement directions on this page for their placement at Gwinnett Medical Center. In general you will complete the following:

  1. Drug and Background Screening
  2. Flu shot  (November 1 through March 31 )
  3. Legal Documents
  4. ID Badge
  5. Study Materials
  6. Mid-level students only: Midlevel Student Clinical Process Form (Due 60-90 before placement)

All of the above materials are to be turned into your school faculty who will submit them to the student placement coordinator at Gwinnett Medical Center.


All students are required to complete drug and background screening and results are reviewed by the Learning Resources Department at Gwinnett Medical Center. To view details of the drug screen and background requirements click on Drug Screen Background.

We accept only the following Drug and Background Vendors: Advantage Students, and PreCheck 

  1. We do not accept hard copies of results as we must be able to accept/reject results on line.
  2. The name on the vendor site needs to match the name your school will send to GMC.
  3. Students must have clear Drug screen/ background check results or the student will not be able to proceed with the student placement.


You will be required to provide documented proof of influenza vaccination when on campus for your student experience during the following dates November 1 to March 31. If you do not have documented influenza vaccination, you are required to wear a mask when on campus during this time period.


From the legal documents below select the documents appropriate for your school, either Georgia Board of Regents or Non-Georgia Board of Regents. (For a listing of Georgia Board of Regents Schools visit this website:

Then sign the pair of documents appropriate to your school, have another adult sign as witness and date with month/day/year.

Georgia Board of Regent Universities and College Students:

NON-Georgia Board of Regents Universities and College Students:


  • All students must wear a picture ID badge in addition to their school ID badge. Badges are to be worn above the waist. Complete this ID Badge form. Complete blank columns A through thru I on and under the “Title” column type Student.
  • You will also need to provide a picture of yourself, preferably saved as a JPEG file (headshot on plain background) or arrange a time with the GMC Security Department to have your picture taken.*
  • The badge will allow you to park at Gwinnett Medical Center in the employee parking lot for free. (We ask you not park in the visitor parking lots to allow for space for our patients and their families. The cost for parking in visitor parking is $3 per day.)
  • The cost for a student badge is $10.00 and $5 is refundable upon returning the badge. The cost to replace any lost badge is $25.

*Before coming to have a picture taken or to pick up badges contact the Security Department by calling 678-312-4057, or emailing Matt Shafer, The Security Department is located in the Lawrenceville Emergency Room and open for badge pickup during the hours of Monday–Thursday: 7:30 a.m.–4 p.m. or Friday: 7:30 a.m.–1 p.m.


Click on the title of the document to open the link and proceed as directed.

Note: there are additional required materials for Nursing and if you will work with a glucose meter

All Students Complete the Following Orientation Materials

All NURSING Students Complete