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Step 3: Orientation Requirements

Gwinnett Medical Center (GMC) welcomes faculty and their students as we partner to grow our future healthcare workforce. The information below will guide you in preparing for your opportunity at GMC. Both faculty and students need to follow the directions on this page carefully before proceeding to complete either faculty or student requirements.

REQUIRED DOCUMENTS (Signed and Witnessed):

Faculty and students are to sign either the Board of Regents (state of Georgia schools) or Non-Board of Regents documents below each academic year (e.g. 2014-2015) when coming to Gwinnett.The school is to keep the signed documents on file along with the rest of the GMC student orientation materials.

Select the type of school you attend, i.e. Board of Regents or Non-Board of Regents, and print/sign the forms listed for your type of school and role and have another adult sign as witness.

Board of Regents Schools:

NON-Board of Regents Schools:


All students and instructors must wear a picture ID badge in addition to their school ID badge. Badges are to be worn above the waist. Complete this ID Badge Form. (Complete blank columns A through thru H on and under the “Title” column type either Student or Instructor as per your role at GMC.) You will also need to provide a picture of yourself, preferably saved as a JPEG file (headshot on plain background) or arrange a time with the GMC Security Department to have your picture taken.*

The badge will allow you to park at Gwinnett Medical Center in the employee parking lot for free. The cost for a student badge is $10.00 and $5 is refundable upon returning the badge. There is no charge for instructor badges. The cost to replace any lost badge is $25. (We ask you not park in the visitor parking lots to allow for space for our patients and their families. The cost for parking in visitor parking is $3 per day.)

*Before coming to have a picture taken or to pick up badges contact the Security Department by calling 678-312-4057, or emailing Matt Shafer, The Security Department is open for badge pickup during the hours of Monday–Thursday: 7:30am–4:00pm or Friday: 7:30–1:00pm. 


Proceed to complete your requirements by clicking on the appropriate link:

Faculty Orientation Requirements

Student Orientation Requirements