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Requesting Placement

Gwinnett Medical Center accepts student placement requests throughout the year. An Affiliation Agreement is required for all student placements. Please refer to the Affiliation Agreement section below for more information.

All coordination of placement occurs through Linda Horst, our Learning Resources placement coordinator, the specific department coordinator and the designated school coordinator.

Please select the appropriate request form below and email our placement coordinator, Linda Horst.

NURSING Student Placement Requests

NOTE: Due to the large volume of nursing clinical and senior practicum requests, please follow the deadlines listed below to help facilitate timely placements.

Semester  Deadline to Submit  Placement Request Confirmation Deadline for Placement
Spring October 15 December 1
Summer February 15 April 1
Fall May 1 July 1

NON-NURSING Student Placement Requests
Please fill out the Request Form below and email it to e-mail Linda Horst.

Mid-Level Student Placement Requests

Once student placement is confirmed and at least two weeks prior to the projected start date, the name or list of names of the students is to be submitted by the school’s student coordinator to Linda Horst.

Once a request for placement is confirmed, Linda Horst will verify that an Affiliation Agreement (also referred to as a Memorandum of Understanding) between the school and Gwinnett Medical Center is present and current.

If the agreement is not present or current, you will be directed to Wanda Bolte or Jennifer Brooks to begin the program process. Students may not start until agreements are in place and all required signatures have been obtained.


Step 2: Drug Screen and Complete Background Check Requirements

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