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Shadowing/Observation Experiences

Shadowing/Observation experiences are offered at Gwinnett Medical Center (GMC). The approval of the shadowing/observation experience is dependent on all of the shadowing/observation process steps being successfully met as explained on this website.

Please note:

  • All shadowers/observers must be at least 18 years of age to shadow.
  • The shadowing/observation period is limited to 1 to 2 days.
  • The shadower/observer must locate an associate, physician, or midlevel provider who agrees to allow you to shadow them in the hospital setting.
  • If approved, you must wear your shadower/observer badge AT ALL TIMES while on campus.

To begin the application process, the shadower/observer takes responsibility to follow all the steps below through to completion for the privilege of shadowing.

Step 1: Shadower/Observer completes Shadowing Process Forms and reads all PDFS:

The completed Shadowing Application Forms are to be e-mailed to

Step 2: Shadowing/Observing approval is emailed to Learning Resources

Simultaneously to the application process, the shadower/observer needs to assure the associate, physician, or midlevel agreeing to be shadowed/observed emails the following to

  • Your name;
  • Documents indicating their department manager has approved the shadowing;
  • The date/s (1-2 days), time (start-finish), and number of hours the shadowing is to occur. 

Step 3: Learning Resources will communicate final determination

Upon receipt of all required documents listed in Steps 1 and 2, Learning Resources will communicate approval/denial of the shadowing/observation request within 5-7 business days.

When a shadowing/observation request is:

Approved by Learning Resources you will need to:

  • Pickup your “Observer” Badge and wear it during shadowing:
    • Observer Badges are to be picked up during normal weekday business hours, prior to the shadowing experiences in Learning Resources, 100 Medical Center Blvd., Building 100, Suite 115 on the Lawrenceville Campus. Click here for directions and a map of the campus:
  • Dress in business casual attire or wear attire as designated by the Procedural area along with supportive shoes for the shadowing experience.
  • Confirm with your contact, i.e. person you will shadow, when and where to arrive for your shadowing experience.

Denied by Learning Resources, the process terminates and the shadowing/observation will not occur.

If you are unable to make your shadowing date, please email the person you are observing and Learning Resources immediately. This will secure an opportunity to shadow again in the future.

If you do not call and do not show to your schedule date, this will prevent you from any possible future shadowing dates.If the applicant does not complete all the steps for the process requirements within 30 days of original request, the request will be denied and the applicant will need to re-apply and repeat the process.