Orthopedic Health Information

Part of feeling comfortable and confident about your joint replacement surgery is fully understanding the procedure and process you are undergoing. That’s why our staff is here to educate and support you, from start to finish, with all the information and assistance you need.

Your Orthopedic Health Resource
In that spirit, we have created our Total Joint Information Center, our online resource for patients who are considering a joint replacement or joint resurfacing procedure.

It is very common to have questions about which procedure is best for you. To answer some of your questions, simply select one of the information resources below.

Total Joint Information Center:

More Orthopedic Health Information—Joint Classes
Educated patients are happier, healthier patients. That’s why we offer joint classes to give you further guidance about joint replacement and resurfacing. By attending one of our joint classes, you can learn about the best options for you and your condition. Also, you’ll get answers to the questions you have so you can adjust and recover faster.

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