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Frequently Asked Questions about GMC HealthConnect

What is GMC HealthConnect?
GMC HealthConnect is the secure, online service that lets you connect with your doctors’ offices anytime, anywhere. It makes communicating with your doctors, requesting prescription refills, scheduling appointments and receiving test results easy and convenient.

What can I do with GMC HealthConnect?
You can use GMC HealthConnect 24/7 from any computer with an Internet connection and Web browser to:

  • Contact your doctor’s office—Ask questions and request advice about non-urgent health concerns at your convenience—no more phone tag or unnecessary office visits.
  • Request a medication refill—Easily refill medication prescriptions, request prescriptions be sent to your preferred pharmacy, and specify pick-up or mail-order delivery (if available).
  • Schedule appointments—Request appointments even when the office is closed. Cancel and reschedule appointments as needed, and receive online appointment reminders.
  • Receive lab, X-ray, and other test results—Avoid phone tag and get results more quickly, with an attached explanation from your doctor.
  • Request referrals—Submit referral requests even when your doctor’s office is closed.
  • Access medically-reviewed information—Learn more about a full range of healthcare topics, and access links to doctor-recommended information and sites.
  • Create a Personal Health Record (PHR)

What is a Personal Health Record(PHR)?
One of the most convenient features of GMC HealthConnect is the online Personal Health Record (PHR). This service allows you to store, view and update all of your health information in one secure place. You decide who has access to your medical history, ensuring your privacy.

What are the benefits of a PHR?
Having a personal health record allows you to:

  • Save time—all of the information you need about your healthcare is at your fingertips, including medications, test results, allergies, immunizations and other medical history.
  • Improve quality of care—Ensure that your health care providers make decisions based on your complete, up-to-date medical history. A PHR can help providers make diagnoses, prescribe medications and monitor treatment plans.
  • Connect everyone involved in your care—giving all your health care providers access to the same health information promotes seamless communication and care coordination, which means fewer potential errors and improved overall care.
  • Manage your dependents’ care—a PHR helps you manage care for a spouse, children, or aging parents.
  • Manage chronic conditions—a PHR can help you manage chronic conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. These conditions require continuous tracking of test results, treatments, medications and other information.

Is there a charge for using GMC HealthConnect?
No, there is no charge for routine communications, such as creating a PHR, appointment requests, lab results and medication refill requests. However, if your physicians are participating in webVisits, there may be a minor fee which varies depending upon your insurance carrier.

What is a webVisit?
It’s a convenient way to “see” your doctor for non-urgent medical concerns. Instead of calling the doctor’s office and taking time off work to go to an appointment, just log onto the secure portal. An easy online interview will help your doctor respond to your concern through GMCHealthConnect.

Is my privacy protected?
Yes, GMC HealthConnect uses secure RelayHealth technology. Only you, your doctor, and your doctor’s authorized staff have access.

How do I sign up for GMC HealthConnect?
Visit to get started.