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GMC HealthConnect

GMC HealthConnect is the secure, online service that lets you connect with your doctors’ offices. It makes managing health easy and convenient.

Anytime, anywhere from any internet connection—it’s easy, secure and (for your non-urgent needs) you may even save yourself an office visit. With GMC HealthConnect, you can:

  • Contact your doctor’s office
  • Request medication refills
  • Schedule appointments
  • Receive lab, X-ray, and other test results
  • Request referrals
  • Create a Personal Health Record (PHR)

One of the most convenient features of GMC HealthConnect is the online Personal Health Record (PHR). This service allows you to store, view and update all of your health information in one secure place. You decide who has access to your medical history, ensuring your privacy.

Ready to get started? Just click on the "GMC HealthConnect" button below to register.

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Una vez se haya registrado, puede cambiar su idioma de preferencia a español. Preguntas frecuentes.